EmpowerRT, a spinout company from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, enables resource-limited cancer clinics in low to middle-income countries deliver personalized radiation therapy. The company, founded in 2017 by Sha Chang, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, commercializes a clinically proven and affordable solution that brings Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy to clinics around the world.


EmpowerRT’s software technology, PLUNC, was developed at the University of North Carolina as a temporary solution more than 20 years ago. For years, PLUNC accelerated the implementation of state- of -the-art radiation treatment at UNC and other cancer centers globally, years ahead of relying on commercial software.
As commercial systems improved to meet clinical needs, PLUNC was retired from service in 2016. The success of PLUNC inspired Dr. Chang to give a second life to the technology through EmpowerRT. Clinics across the globe that are reliant on older technology can implement EmpowerRT to provide personalized cancer care, using a clinically proven, affordable, and sustainable solution.

Our Mission

Personalized Cancer Care, Everywhere.

Our mission is to see a world where people in every country can have access to standard of care radiation therapy, regardless of income.

Our Proposition

We offer user-friendly software, a patient-specific device fabrication system, and training. EmpowerRT enables cancer clinics with outdated radiation therapy equipment reduce treatment toxicity at 5-10% of the cost of purchasing modern technology.