The Solution

EmpowerRT provides a clinically-proven and user-friendly software, patient-specific device fabrication ability, and hands-on training to enable resource-limited cancer clinics to reduce treatment toxicity and lead to better outcomes. With our expert team and our collaborative partners, we will empower an existing clinic to implement standard of care IMRT using a less complex, clinically proven solution.

easily enable existing radiation therapy devices for IMRT… without modifications the existing device.

Given the low complexity, the reliability is high which is needed for many of these high-throughput clinics all while keeping the acquisition cost at a fraction (~5%) of a new radiation therapy device with IMRT.

to help keep on-going costs low by employing a re-usable solution.


Cancer in LMICs Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death globally. In 2015 there were 8.8 million deaths due to cancer. 70% of these deaths occur in Low- and Middle-Income Countries vs. High Income Countries. The mortality rate related to cancer in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs) are disparately high compared to high-income countries

(HICs)- approximately 70% of deaths from cancer occur in LMICs.2 So why is there such a high mortality rate in LMICs for cancers we know how to effectively control in HICs? 5-year survival rates. Many radiotherapy clinics in LMICs still rely on basic or outdated equipment and lack the funds, training, and supporting infrastructure to implement modern 3D and IMRT radiation.


Basic RT Equipment Problems

Prior to the 1990’s, radiation therapy clinicians had to rely on radiation therapy devices that delivered 2D and 3D conformal treatments where healthy tissue was not spared, and radiation toxicity increased.

A new form of radiation therapy – Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy – was developed in the mid-1990’s and soon became standard of care. By modulating the beam with automated, complex hardware and software, clinicians were now able to better spare healthy tissue while focusing the radiation beam on the tumor.

EmpowerRT’s Solution

Though IMRT has been standard of care for the last 25 years, ~5500 of Radiation Therapy Devices in LMICs are not equipped to deliver IMRT. EmpowerRT’s solution enables basic RT equipment to deliver low toxicity IMRT that spares normal tissue by a simple compensator device. The compensator is designed by a software to maximize the radiation dose to the cancer tissue and minimize the dose to healthy tissue. The compensator is fabricated and assembled on site and the material can be recycled for treating other patients.

PLUNC planning software & IMRT dose optimization

– PLUNC: an intuitive and user-friendly planning software developed at the University of North Carolina and used in UNC and other cancer centers for over 20 years. UNC is a pioneer in 3D planning and compensatory IMRP treatment in radiation therapy.

– PLUNC offers dose optimization based on dose volume histograms. An IMRP plan can be delivered either by IMRP compensators on any teletherapy unit such as Co-60 and by MLC-IMRT on modern treatment machines.

Onsite recyclable compensator fabrication

– We provide an easy solution to fabricate the IMRT compensators onsite. It uses a milling machine to fabricate the Styrofoam compensator mold, recyclable tungsten granules fillings, and a proven efficient procedure.

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Service and Training

-We realize that service and training are crucial for may LMIC clinics. We offer 3D and IMRT commissioning and training. We he the clinics to develop QA programs online or onsite using regional consultants.