our-solution-imageOur solution works with teletherapy units which emit uniform radiation to transform RT treatment into modern IMRT treatment. Our solution is clinically-proven, time-efficient, low toxicity, spares healthy tissues from radiation and is affordable! 

Our solution includes 4 key components:

  1. User-friendly Software: designs the compensator for each patient
  2. Milling machine: creates personalized compensators
  3. Recyclable Compensator: used with teletheraphy unit to transforms RT treatment into modern personalized RT treatment
  4. Training: we provide hands-on training to enable clinics to deliver compensator-IMRT treatment.

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Publications supporting our solution:

  1. Compensators: An alternative IMRT delivery technique. Sha Chang  Read
  2. Compensator-intensity-modulated Radiotherapy–A Traditional Tool for Modern Application. Sha Chang.  Read